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Click the green button below to download the software as a ZIP file. The name of the zip file is "IdentityPal_Lost+Found.zip".

To install the software, simply unzip / extract the contents of the zip file to the main "root" directory of your USB drive. That's it, installation complete! Run the file named "IDP_Lost&Found.exe" and then follow the instructions below to input your Tracking ID.

After installing the Lost & Found software onto your USB drive, launch the file named "IDP_Lost&Found.exe". The following screen will appear. Notice the Tracking ID in the bottom left is 000000000000. To input your own Tracking ID, click on the GREEN button labeled "USB DRIVE OWNER SETTINGS".

Once you get to the "USB DRIVE OWNER SETTINGS" page, delete all the zeroes and type your new Tracking ID into the GREEN box.

When you are sure that you have entered the correct Tracking ID, click on the "SAVE CHANGES" button.

Notice that your new Tracking ID now appears in the bottom left corner. To test the postage-paid printout, click the BLUE button labeled "CLICK HERE TO PRINT THE LOST USB DRIVE MAILING PAGE".

And that's it! Your USB drive is all set. If you ever lose your USB drive, know that your chances of getting it back have just been greatly improved! Click Here to return to the main Lost & Found page.

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