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Below you will find a list of the most commonly asked questions about the IdentityPal. Clicking on each question will jump you to the answer. If your question is not answered in the below list, please contact us and we will do our best to answer your inquiry.

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I lost the "OWNER LOGIN PASSWORD" that came with my instructions, how can I get another one?
If you have misplaced your instructions or simply cannot remember the password to access the "OWNER" section of your IdentityPal, simply enter the UPC code of your product packaging here.

If you do not have the UPC code of your product packaging, please contact customer support for a new password.
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I deleted a template I didn't think I would need, how do I retrieve it?
Launch the IdentityPal software, and on the left side of the application (above the calendar), you will find the 'Trash'. Click on the 'Trash', highlight (by clicking) the template you want to retrieve, then on the left, under actions, click on 'Restore'. If you have already emptied the Trash, please refer to the Downloads page for template downloads.
How often should I empty my Trash?
There is no need to ever empty your trash. Leaving items in the trash allows you to retrieve deleted templates with out the need of connecting to the Downloads page. The IdentityPal has sufficient space to hold any unused items in all but the most extreme situations.
I lost my password, how do I get a new one?
There are two passwords. The first is the IdentityPal Login password, provided to you with your instructions at the time of purchase. Refer to the bottom right hand corner of the Instructional User Guide provided with the IdentityPal for your login password. If you are unable to locate this included password, but can still identify the month and year your IdentityPal was purchased, you can retrieve a backup password by clicking here.
What if I lose the EPIM embedded password?
We are sorry, but because this information is so secure when you password protect it that we have no backup for this password. This password cannot be overridden but you can go to the Downloads page and reload the EPIM database which will reset the password protection to no password. Unfortunately, all personal information entered into the EPIM database will be lost and will have to be reentered.
I cannot get my IdentityPal EPIM software to open up on the "Emergency Contacts" screen.
If you want the EPIM software to open on the 'Emergency Contacts' template, you must leave it on the 'Emergency Contacts' template when you exit the EPIM software.
I cannot get the IdentityPal Owner's Name, Emergency Contact phone numbers, Alergies/Diabetes/Alzheimers and Critical Medications to show up on the Customized Emergency Contacts display.
You must make sure to click "File: Save" after entering your emergency contact information. This information will not be displayed until the IdentityPal software has been restarted.
When I first plug in my IdentityPal, it does not automatically prompt me with the auto-run dialog box.
With older computers, you may need to open 'My Computer' and identify the 'pen' drive. Single click the cursor on the pen drive, then double click on 'IdentityPal.exe' to launch the software. Also, you may have turned OFF your "AutoPlay" function in your Microsoft Windows Control Panel. Turning your AutoPlay function back ON will restore the functionality of Auto-Run.
The EPIM IdentityPal software is asking me if I would like to check for a new version of the software - What should I do?
WARNING: Updating the software is for relatively advanced computer users and is not 100% necessary. Your IdentityPal will always adequately function with every software release.

Please be sure to follow the instructions carefully and to BACKUP the database containing all of your completed templates. Once you copy over the new files, you will need to RESTORE the previous database. To do this, Simply click on File > Open. Open the file named "IDENTITYPAL_v1.EPIM". Your database is now restored.

Now you must ensure that your IdentityPal launches displaying your desired templates. To do this, click on Tools > Options. Under the "Modules" heading, select "EPIM Today". Uncheck the box labeled "Start with EPIM Today", then click the "OK" button. On the bottom left, click on the "Notes" section to retrieve your templates.
When I try to insert a picture into the EPIM software, nothing happens.
You must FIRST put the cursor on the location you want the picture to appear (below the instructions) AND THEN click the "insert photo" icon on the above toolbar (the icon shown in the instructions). You may resize this photo by dragging the corners with the cursor.
After I have entered all my data, when the EPIM software opens it does not open with Emergency Contacts.
For the EPIM to open on "Emergency Contacts", you must leave it on "Emergency Contacts" when you exit the software.
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How do I place an order through the mail?
Add the desired items to your shopping cart using the buttons provided on the item pages. When you are ready, click the "Checkout" button located in the top-right section of your screen. Begin by providing your shipping and billing address information, you will need to fill in both fields even though they will be the same for mail orders. Hit the "submit" button at the bottom of the screen. A new screen will appear allowing you to select your desired UPS shipping option. Select the box for Mail Order: Cash, Money Order, Cashiers Check payment at the bottom of the screen and press "Continue." Review your order details on the next screen and hit "Submit Order." A printable invoice will appear. Print this invoice and mail along with payment to the address listed at the top of the invoice. If you are unable to print your invoice, simply send your payment along with your ORDER ID number from the top of invoice. Make check and money orders payable to "IdentityPal, Ltd." Click Here for more information about ordering methods and ordering via regular mail.
The online shopping cart isn't working for me, do I have other options?
Our online shopping cart has been tested to be functional for primarily Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Also, check to ensure you have cookies enabled for browsing on our site as the cart will utilize cookies to keep your shopping cart information present during your shopping session. Also ensure you are browsing from a current loaded version of the site and not an earlier downloaded or cached version. We have alternative instructions posted for the processing of your order on the Ordering Information Page.
How soon are orders shipped and what are typical delivery times?
Orders are typically processed and shipped within 24-48 hours of payment receipt. Occasional product backorder may delay your order for a few extra days. We will do our best to inform you if your order is expected to be delayed longer than 3-4 days. Transit time depends on the delivery method chosen during checkout.
What delivery options do I have and will I receive multiple packages?
IdentityPal currently offers standard USPS shipping options. These methods are the most reliable and cost efficient available. Each will allow you to track your package to some degree (protecting them from loss in shipment). Our items are shipped from the same location, but you may receive multiple shipments if a single item is temporarily backlogged and delaying the rest of your order. All orders are shipped as requested during the checkout procedure (unless otherwise arrange prior to order placement by contacting us).
How do I know if my order has been shipped?
When placing your order be sure to include a valid email address we can use to contact you with tracking information, or in the case any problems arise in processing your order. As soon as your order is processed and shipped, a confirmation email will be sent to the provided email and will include your USPS tracking number. USPS tracking numbers can be used to track the progress of your order. Delivery confirmation from the US mail will only tell if and when you have successfully received your package.
My tracking number says my order was delivered, but I never received it, now what?
Some shippers may leave your package at your door without requesting signature. If your USPS tracking number shows delivery but you do not have your package, there are several options. First, please check with other members of your household to ensure your package was not secured by someone else. If your order is still not accounted for, please contact us for additional instructions and to arrange for replacement order to be mailed. We may ask for you to file a lost package claim with the shipper so we can obtain some compensation for the package they lost or misplaced at delivery. After a claim is filed we will then promptly reship a replacement order free of charge to minimize any delay for you to receive your order.
I am under 18, can I still order from you? requires all customers to be over the age of 18 to purchase any material from our catalog and website. Proof of age may be required, or proof of adult permission obtained if we suspect an order is placed by a minor. We are very sorry if this causes any problems for those wishing to purchase our goods, but if you are under the age of 18 we ask you get your parent's written consent to buy goods from our catalog.
Do you ship to countries outside the USA?
No, we do not ship to countries outside of the USA unless you are a wholesale customer. We are working on expanding internationally.
My order appears to be damaged or broken after shipping, now what?
Sometimes packages will receive rough handling during shipping. If you find your order has been damaged or broken in transit, please contact us to make additional arrangements. We may ask you to file a damage claim with the shipper so that we can be reclaim some funds for the damage they caused. Proof of damage may be required such as shipping the damaged goods back to us or photographic proof. We will then make arrangements for your package to be reshipped ASAP so as to minimize any delay for you in receiving good, clean, whole and undamaged merchandise.
What is your return and refund policy?
All sales are final on pre-sterilized items. We do offer a sterility guarantee on these items for 30 days after purchase. Items must be in original unused condition. No returns without RMA authorization. No returns after 30 days. Shipping charges are non-refundable. Checks may take time to clear, for fastest service use credit card, cashiers check, or US Postal money order.
Can I have my order shipped as a gift to someone else?
Yes, you may have your order shipped as a gift to someone else, but we will require additional steps to process the order. Orders shipped to any name or address different than the cardholder name or billing address may experience a slightly longer processing and shipping. Mail order payments do not require these additional requirements and can be shipped to any address legally able to receive the material in the order.
Do you include an invoice with my order?
Yes, we will include an invoice with your order that includes a full summary of your order and order number(s) for your future reference.
How safe is my credit card information?
Your credit card information is safe with our 256-bit SSL certification protecting the checkout process and protecting the credit card processing and transmission. Our new system allows us to process your credit cards using our own merchant account via protected servers.
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