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Inventors' Unique I.D./Safety Device To Be Showcased on QVC Great Gifts Show, Wednesday, December 10th at 5:00pm Eastern Time!
December 2nd, 2008

Ann Arbor, MI - Everyone knows that parents know best. When the parents happen to be an engineer and a nurse who recognize the diverse perils facing kids these days, the result is a unique and important safety and identification device: "IdentityPal."

IdentityPal, to be showcased Wednesday, December 10th, 2008 at 5:00 pm on QVC's Great Gifts Show, is a USB Identification Assistant that was conceived by Scott and Jenifer Crawford to ensure the safety and protection of their children every day. "Like all parents, we are always concerned about our children's safety, so with our respective backgrounds, we saw a need and invented "IdentityPal" says Mom/Nurse/Co-Inventor Jenifer Crawford. The main purpose of IdentityPal is to alert any first responders or health care workers of relevant medical and identification information in the event of an emergency. However, "IdentityPal" not only serves as a portable database for medical records and general safety contact information, but also is capable of storing a broad range of information entirely determined by the user - travel itineraries, photos, x-rays, legal documents, whatever. As parental-brainstorming progressed, "it was clear that IdentityPal would not only provide protection and assistance for children but for seniors, travelers, and pets as well, this device speaks for those who aren't able to do so in times of emergency, the IdentityPal actually talks to you and is completely kid-proof" says Co-Inventor and father of two, Scott Crawford. Baby Boomers with elderly parents can rest assured that their parents will be properly treated in the event of an accident, or promptly identified if lost and found, when their parents wear an IdentityPal. Pet owners and animal control workers use IdentityPal when furry friends wander off - the photo capabilities of IdentityPal help ensure that every pet found is matched with its proper owner. Travelers can now leave the paperwork at home and carry hotel and flight information, itineraries and medical info on their IdentityPal.

The first product of its kind, IdentityPal is an aircraft aluminum personal identification assistant that comes pre-installed with easy to use identification software. The templates contained in the software are to be filled out with any amount of information that suits the specific needs of the owner. While similar products have followed, they require personal information to be submitted and accessed on-line via the Internet, using large and potentially vulnerable databases - some require a monthly fee. IdentityPal instructs operators, with its user-friendly software and voice tutorials, how to enter private information and how to keep that info secure with password protection - there is no exposure to hacking and the user only enters data that he/she is willing to share with others if necessary. With a size of 2" x 3/4" and weight of just over 1/2 an ounce, IdentityPal is the ideal water and shock resistant tool that can be carried or worn by children, the elderly, pets... everyone.

QVC, the very popular and prominent cable shopping channel has ordered nearly 2,000 "IdentityPal" units and will feature it for purchase on-air on Wednesday, December 10th at 5:00 PM on its Great Gifts Show and on its website.

About IdentityPal (Founded in 2007): IdentityPal was introduced in early 2008 at the CES trade show in Las Vegas. There is currently a Patent Pending status on IdentityPal. IdentityPal, LLC, the healthcare product subsidiary of Orbital Architects, LLC, is a leading healthcare technology and safety product engineering and development company providing international services through its offices in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Jamaica, and London, Ontario, Canada. Those interested in ordering may visit for additional details or email or call IdentityPal at 734-418-2596. Travel Smith magazine, Golden Violin magazine,,, and currently feature IdentityPal.

QVC: QVC is the leader in multi-channel retailing - a televised shopping service that broadcasts live retail programming 24 hours a day, based in West Chester, Pennsylvania.
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