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Gadgets, how did you ever get along without them?
January 15th, 2008

The Flip Mino

The Flip camera is changing the way you record your home movies. The camera is small enough to fit in your purse, briefcase or even your pocket. The camera flips open to show the USB port, which is how you upload the video to your computer.

The Flip Mino is smaller than its original counterpart. The camera holds 60 minutes worth of video. The camera is easy to use; with only 7 buttons for zoom, playback, record and delete. Batteries are not required in the Mino; the camera charges in your computer's USB port. The Mino can also be personalized with various designs and themes.

You can see it for yourself at

The Identity Pal

We are staying with the USB port theme with the Identity Pal; the personal USB identification tag. The small capsule is the roughly the size of your pinkie finger, it holds all the information you would need in an emergency. The capsule is both waterproof and shockproof.

You can learn about all the ways to use the identity pal at

Health & Fitness Expo

The Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association is teaming up with Walt Disney World for its annual Health and Fitness Expo. The expo is being held at Disney's Wide World of Sports complex in Orlando, Florida.

Gadget expert Mike May featured two hot items on 9NEWS 5 a.m. The first comes from Bio Bright; it's the natural light alarm clock. The clock wakes you up with a soft glowing light that gradually becomes brighter and brighter.

The makers at Bio Bright claims the clock is meant to mimic sunrise and eases you into your morning. You can learn more about it at

Sport Count has created a lap counter; a stop watch that fits on your index finger. You use your thumb to navigate the small counter. It keeps track of your total number of laps, average lap speed and total time. You can see it for yourself at

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