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IdentityPal Full Version Emergency Response Software

The fully featured ALL-IN-ONE IdentityPal Emergency Response software is the same software that comes pre-installed on the original IdentityPal USB Emergency Alert Tag.

This software can be installed on any USB drive to transform it into a fully functional emergency alert device. Use this software to safeguard your children, the elderly, your pets, or even yourself.
IdentityPal LITE works with any generic USB drive!

For more information about the full version software and its capabilities, please refer to the IdentityPal Overview.

Once your usb drive is plugged in and the software is launched, the software will inform the operator about any critical illnesses, food/allergies, emergency contacts, full medical records, pet information, travel information, legal information, and ANY other customized data entry!

Use IdentityPal Full Version Software to transform your generic USB drive into an active emergency alert tag. To purchase an original IdentityPal USB Tag with this software pre-installed, click here.

  • PC Compatibility
  • Plug & Play Autorun Feature
  • Voice-Guided Easy-To-Use Tutorials
  • Fully Featured Information Guardian Data Engine
  • Pre-Defined Templates for Emergency Contacts, Medical Records, Legal Documents, Travel Documents, and Pet Identification
  • 128-Bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) Password Protection
  • Advanced RTF Formatting Support
  • Daily Organizer Components
  • Advanced Custom Template Support
  • Template Printing Support
  1. Purchase and download the ZIP file named "".
  2. Once downloaded, open the ZIP file and extract its contents directly to the ROOT directory of your USB flash drive.
  3. Use the e-mailed "OWNER LOGIN PASSWORD" to login to the customization section of the software and input your personal data.
  4. That's it! Your USB drive should now be configured as an emergency identification tag.
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